Anselmo Olleros y Mansilla (18xx - January 1895) was a Spanish military officer and engineer active with the Cuerpo de Estado Mayor (Corps of the General Staff) in the Philippines. He was probably born in Béjar, Salamanca, Spain. Olleros arrived in the Philippines on November 12, 1872. He generated at least one map, an impressive large-scale map of Luzon, published by the Depósito de la Guerra in 1882. His more famous brother Tomás Olleros y Mansilla (1838 - 1890), was also active in the Philippines and is known for his reports on East Indian trade, for seizing the Tawi Tawi Islands of Borneo for Spain, and later in life, for his poetry and art. Anselmo Olleros died in Madrid in January of 1895.

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