John Overton (1640 - 1708) was an English cartographer and map publisher active in the late 16th and early 17th century. He shop, a noted on many of his maps, was at the sign of the Whitehorse without Newgate. While little of Overton's cartographic work was original, he did fill an important gap by republishing the work of various influential cartographers of the previous generation. Overton acquired the map plates of Peter Stent, who died of the Plague in 1665, and published his first atlas around 1670. In 1700 he acquired, from Christopher Brown, the map plates originally produced for the John Speed firm. John passed his business to his sons, Henry Overton (fl. 1707 - 1749) and Philip Overton (17?? - 1751), in 1707, one year prior to his death. Henry republished John Speed's great atlas in 1713 and again in 1743. Philip Overton went on to partner with Robert Sayer (1725 - 1794) acquiring the map plates of John Senex and opening a shop at Ye Sign of ye Golden Buck by ye Mitre Inn.

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