Herbert Samuel Packard (September 2, 1850 - October 29, 1912) was a Philadelphia lithographer active in the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries. He was born in Plymouth, Massachusetts. In 1870, he apprenticed to a local (but unknown) engraver in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. From 1875 to 1880, he worked with the Boston firm 'Haskell and Allen'. In 1879, he relocated to Philadelphia to partner with William H. Butler, establishing the lithographic firm 'Packard and Butler'. In 1883, David Anson Partridge joined the firm, at which point it was renamed 'Packard, Butler and Partridge'. The Philadelphia Fire of 1886 destroyed the firm, but Packard and Partridge continued to publish together until 1893. From at least 1885, Packard also occasionally published with his brother Horace Edgar Packard (January 12, 1862 - ????) under the imprint, 'Packard Brothers'. Herbert had another brother, Sumner Ellsworth Packard (March 9, 1860 - April 1, 1899), but we do not believe he is the 'brother' in 'Packard Brothers'. Rather, it is likely Horace E. Packard, who from about 1892, is listed in city directories as a lithographer. That firm was renamed 'Packard, Packard, and Powell Novelties' in 1906, when 'Powell' joined the business. Herbert Packard died on October 29, 1912.

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