Alvin Oliver Pelton (August 31, 1798 - August 15, 1882), who went by Oliver, was an American line and stipple engraver active in Hartford and Boston in the mid-19th century. Pelton was born in Portland, Connecticut and apprenticed as an engraver under Abner Reed (1771 - 1866) from 1816. Another Reed apprentice was Samuel Stiles (1796 - 1861). Stiles and Reed pandered as 'Reed and Stiles' as early as 1819 (formally 1821). When Stiles moved on to found the American Banknote Company, Pelton remained with Reed in Hartford, establishing the 'Reed, Stiles, Pelton and Co.' imprint. Despite being a fine engraver, Pelton was apparently poor with money and quickly ran the firm into bankruptcy. Pelton moved to Boston in 1827 to engraver for Samuel G. Goodrich. In 1836, Pelton partnered with William D. Terry - 'Terry, Pelton, and Co', bank note engravers. This firm eventually merged with other firms into the New England Bank Note Company of Boston. He returned to Hartford in 1960, setting up on his own account to complete moralistic broadsides, biblical prints, and portraits. His son, Edward Richmond Pelton (January 25, 1840 - February 5, 1899) was also an engraver and publisher.

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