Ferdinand Victor Perrot (1808 - 1841) was a French painter and lithographer. Recognized for his talent at a young age, Perrot had completed his first commission by the age of 15 for a local church. A move to Paris came soon after, where he studied with renowned maritime painter Jean Antoine Théodore Gudin. He was a regular exhibitor at the Salon from 1831 until 1844, even though that was three years after his death.He is renowned for his paintings of the countryside in Brittany. He received an invitation to come to St. Petersburg from Tsar Nicholas I, where he was treated in the highest esteem. He was made a member of the Academy of Fine Arts of Saint Petersburg on September 29, 1840 and received a commission for a series of topographical views of Russia and the coast of Finland and lithographs of St. Petersburg. Unfortunately, he died suddenly in Saint Petersburg in 1841 at the age of 33, having only completed two of the commissions.

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