Pedro Pico (1810 - 1886) was an Argentine surveyor. Born in Buenos Aires, he was educated as an engineer in England. Returning to America, he became a surveyor for Uruguay. By 1837, he was employed in that capacity by the Department of Mines; some manuscripts of his have survived from that period. With the advent of the Uruguayan Civil War, he moved to Montevideo and joined the forces holding the city against Rosas. He produced a plan of the city in 1845 during the course of the siege, marking the positions of the opposing forces. In its first edition, it is one of the earliest maps printed in Uruguay. Following the war, Pico returned home to Buenos Aires where he taught classes at the University and joined the Topographic Department. He also produced geographical map of the province of Entre RĂ­os, during the period in which it was governed by General Urquiza. He retired to Rivadavia in Argentina, and died in 1886.

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