Frederick Gordon Plummer (October 4, 1864 - August 15, 1913) was an American surveyor, engineer, and geographer. Plummer completed the first comprehensive survey and mapping of the Mount Rainier Forest Reserve in 1899. The following year he published a report that included detailed descriptions of the forest types and conditions, fire history, hydrology, and grazing in the area that would become Gifford Pinchot National Forest. Fred, a Theosophist, moved his family from Tacoma, Washington, to the Theosophical community of Lomaland at Point Loma, California, in 1903, and became the chief geographer of the United States Forestry Service that same year. He was a leader in the conservation movement until his death. Fred and his wife Emily had six children, one of whom, Lafayette Gordon Plummer, became a Theosophical writer, lecturer, and teacher.

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