Frans Janszoon Post (November 17, 1612 - February 17, 1680) was a Dutch Golden Age painter, and the first European artist to paint landscapes of the Americas. Of his approximately 140 known paintings, most are landscapes depicting specific locations in Brazil. He was the son of a Leiden glass painter, and the brother of a key Dutch architect. Although his initial training was likely at the hands of his father and brother, it is not known which master under which he studied and he did not join a guild until his return from Brazil. Possibly through his brother's influence, he was commissioned by Maurice, Prince of Nassau-Siegen to travel to Brazil, where he would live and work from 1637 to 1644. He would continue to paint Brazilian scenes long after his return; but his output declined sharply ten years prior to his death, possibly due to an alcohol problem. Images from his views found their way into printed maps and panoramas of Brazilian scenes, such as those produced by Joan Blaeu and Arnold Montanus.