John Penry Hyde 'Luxor' Price (June 15, 1874 - February 23, 1950), publishing under the pseudonym Luxor Price, was an American illustrator and children's book author active in the early 20th century. Price was born in Cardiff, Wales of the lesser gentry (his father was an architect) and educated at Christ’s College, Brecon. He emigrated to the United States in 1893. After traveling throughout the country, he settled in Clinton Corners, New York, with his wife Gladys C. Powell Price, also from Cardiff. From about 1899 Price worked as a personal secretary to James Gregory McLoughlin (180 - 1918), a railroad official, but also heir to the McLoughlin Brothers publishing empire - noted for their work with children's books. It is not clear how Price came to be associated with McLoughlin, but they may have been connected through family friend. Price was a self-trained artist. His first printed work began appearing in magazines in the 1920s. It was around this time that he issued the 'All Mother Goose Panorama', a piece that earned him the attention of children's book publishers and authors. Price issued various fantasy maps, many inspired by European serio-comic maps, through Arden Galleries, and others. He also illustrated The Magic Map for Mary Graham Bonner. He also issued his own work, including a popular book called The Quoks starting 'funny little people' that he invented for his son, Peter. Price did not issue any further children's works after 1933. He died in upstate New York in 1950.

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