Edward Lothrop Rand (August 22, 1859 - October 9, 1924) was an American botanist, lawyer, and cartographer. Born in Dedham, Massachusetts, Rand was born Edward Sprague Rand IV but later changed his name to Edward Lothrop Rand on July 2, 1878, following a scandal involving his father over-mortgaging the family home, evading arrest, and fleeing to Brazil. He attended Harvard University and graduated in 1881 and graduated from Harvard Law School in 1884 and went on to practice law in Boston, but his true passion in life was botany. Rand was famous on Mount Desert Island as one of the members of the Champlain Society and as the first Chairman of the Path Committee on Mount Desert Island. He co-author Flora of Mount Desert Island, Maine with J.H. Redfield and created map of Mount Desert Island with Waldron Bates and Herbert Jaques. Rand married Annie Matilda Crozier on June 29, 1893 in Boston.

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