The Reale Officio Topografico (Royal Topographical Office) (1781 - 1879) was a Neopolitan military scientific institute based in Naples that made topographic, geographical, and hydrographic maps for the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Founded by Giovanni Antonio Rizzi Zannoni in 1781, the Office created an incredible reputation during its existence, becoming one of the best topographic offices in Europe and an important point of reference for other European cartographic institutions. By 1855, there were five bureaus: library, machine and instrument cabinet and observatory; internal works (drawings and engravings); large-scale typography, chalcography, lithography and models of fortresses; topographic section of Palermo; and geodetic and topographic works. After the unification of Italy, the Kingdom of Italy formed what became the Military Geographical Institute in Florence. The Reale Officio Topografico survived as a branch of this organization until it was 'definitively suppressed' in 1879.