Franz Johann Joseph von Reilly (August 18, 1766 – July 6, 1820) was an Austrian author, humorist, cartographer, and map publisher active in the late 18th century and early 20th century. Joseph was born in Vienna, Austria, the the son of court master John Reilly. He initially worked in the Austrian Civil Service, but was apparently unpaid and unsuccessful in that operation, quitting the position after 3 years. With significant wealth inherited from his father, Reilly dedicated himself to printing and cartography, publishing several major atlases between 1789 and 1806. He is most famous for publishing the Grosser Deutscher Atlas (1794 - 1796), the first world atlas fully published and produced by an Austrian. This atlas was probably in spired by Franz Anton Schrämbl's (1751 - 1803) Allgemeiner Grosser Atlass. During his career he produced thousands of maps and multiple atlases, but retired form cartography in 1806.

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