Marc-Michel Rey (May 5, 1720 - June 8, 1780) was a French Huguenot publisher, author, and bookseller active in the Amsterdam in the mid-18th century. Rey was born Geneva, Switzerland. Although he had little formal education, he was apprenticed to the Geneva bookseller Marc-Michel Bosquet from 1733 to 1744. Reaching he maturity, he relocated to Amsterdam, then the capital of the European book trade, where he purchased citizenship and commenced to publishing. Two years later, having quickly establishing himself in the rich Dutch market, he married Elisabeth Bernard, the daughter of a prominent Amsterdam bookseller, Jean Frederic Bernard (1680 - 1744), also of French Huguenot descent. Rey issued few maps, but in the exerted a strong influence on the publishing world. In the words of Utrecht Scholar Wijnand.W. Mijnhardt, 'The Bernard-Rey dynasty was a vital force in the French book trade on Dutch soil for almost 70 years, from 1711 until 1780.' (The Amsterdam booksellers Jean Frederic Bernard (1680-1744) and Marc Michel Rey (1720-1780)).