Mike Roberts (19xx - 1989) was an American photographer and publisher, and was known as 'America's Postcard King'. Roberts left home at sixteen with twenty-five dollars, a box camera, and his Harley. Roberts arrived in the Bay Area in 1934 and began working as a photographer in Berkeley. By 1941 he was a partner in the Litho Screen Company in Oakland, which was also likely his first venture into the printing trade. Robert's first traceable postcard is postmarked June 12, 1945, and bears one of his photographs of the Yosemite Valley. Roberts used a handful of different publishers before he founded 'Mike Roberts Color Productions' in 1949, which marks his move into the world of commercial postcard production. Over the course of his career, Roberts used numerous different logos and his postcards were published by several different publishers. Roberts died in 1989 and his company continued operating until 1998.

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