Fred A. Routledge (September 7, 1871 - April 1936) was an American artist and cartographer best known for his pictorial maps and bird's eye views. Born in Abilene, Kansas, Routledge spent most of his early life in Rockford, Illinois before moving to Portland, Oregon. Routledge worked with the publication West Shore for a short time before finding himself out of work. He found work with the Morning Oregonian beginning in 1895 as the head of its Art Department, a position he reportedly held until 1906. At that time it is clear that hand-drawn illustrations were being replaced by photographic images, but Routledge's work continued to appear in the Oregonian over the ensuing decades. Routledge also worked as artist and cartographer on illustrated books, two of which were published in 1915. Until his death, Routledge produced pictorial maps for many different companies, including Union Pacific, and as promotional material for scenic drives throughout Washington. He married fellow artist Lydia McGowan in 1896.

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