Laurits Clausen Scabo (Lat. Scavenius) (November 1, 1562 - December 1, 1626) was a Danish bishop and professor. He was born and educated in Copenhagen, the son of the professor of mathematics there. It is supposed that he at least knew Tycho Brahe. He traveled a time, returning in 1590 to become principal of the Metropolitan School in Copenhagen, later becoming professor at the University there. During his tenure there, he became parish priest in TĂ„rnby in Amager. In 1605 he was appointed bishop of Stavanger, southern Norway. During his time as bishop he had a land register compiled of all ecclesiastical property in the diocese, beteeen 1620 and 1624. He is credited with having drawn a map, circa 1618, of his bishopric. This was published in 1640 by Blaeu.