George W. Schneider (18xx - 19xx) was an American mining engineer. Born in Denver, Schneider graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1894. After graduating from the School of Mines, Schneider went to Michigan and studied mine economics at the Atlantic Copper Mine. He was 'actively engaged' in mining in Gilpin County, Colorado, from 1895 until 1903, where he also served as the United States mineral surveyor, county engineer, city engineer of Black Hawk, and the consulting engineer for the Kansas-Burroughs Consolidation Company and the Concrete Mining Company. He was appointed Professor of Mining at the Colorado School of Mines in July 1911 and held the position until July 1913, when he was dismissed by the new administration because they thought he 'would be unable to work harmoniously with the rest of the faculty and with a member of the Board of Trustees'. That same year he directed the Mining section of the Colorado Industrial Exposition that was held in New York City from November 1st through 27th. By 1915 Schneider was operating a placer mine in Bolivia and became part of the Bolivia Gold Exploration Company, which was based out of Colorado. We have been unable to locate any definite records for Schneider after 1916, which is referenced correspondence between him and the President of the Bolivia Gold Exploration Company.

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