Rodolphe Schouani (17?? - April, 1809), also occasionally spelled Schouany, was a French topographical engineer active in the late 18th century. He is most famous as one of the 'Savants', scholars who accompanied the Napoleonic invasion of Egypt (1798 - 1801). During this time his work make him a pioneer in the emerging field of Egyptology. From 1805 he was assigned to complete a survey of Piedmont, but he died before completing it. It is recorded that Schouani had a very exacting but obscure method of surveying such that, when he died, his subordinates were unable to complete the survey of Piedmont as they could not understand his journals. It has been argued that Schouani was deeply suspicious of his superiors and so, embraced a eccentric methodology to protect his position by making him indispensable.