Nicholas Scull II (1687 - 1761) was an American surveyor and cartographer; he was Surveyor General of Pennsylvania between 1748 and 1761. He was born in Philadelphia; his father, also a surveyor and also Nicholas, had taken part in the layout of the Old York Road; Nicholas II assisted in the project. He apprenticed under Thomas Holme, Pennsylvania's first Surveyor General. Nicholas II was appointed Deputy Surveyor for Philadelphia in 1719. When Benjamin Franklin founded his mutual improvement club, The Junto, Scull was made one of the twelve founding members. Scull would in 1733 be appointed deputy surveyor of Bucks County. His surveys included the Schuylkill and Lehigh Rivers, the Delaware Water Gap, and the 1737 Walking Purchase. Having served a stint as Philadelphia County sheriff, he replaced William Parsojns as Surveyor General. As such he produced several maps of the vicinity around Philadelphia, as well as the monumental 1754 East Prospect of the City of Philadelphia.