Albert D. Searle (July 6, 1831 - October 20, 1902) was an American surveyor, civil engineer, and abolitionist active in Kansas in the middle part of the 19th century, during the 'Bloody Kansas' period. Searle was born in Southampton, Massachusetts. Searle moved to Lawrence Kansas on September 15, 1854, with the second part to emigrate to Lawrence, and helped to layout the townsite, completing the first survey of Lawrence. In 1856 he partnered with fellow Lawrence pioneer Edmund Burke Whitman (1812 - 1883) to establish a land agent and emigrant firm to encourage anti-slavery settlers to settle in Kansas. In conjunction with this effort he published an important 1856 map of Eastern Kansas. During the American Civil War (1861 - 1865) he was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the 9th Regiment Kansas Calvary, Company A, Union Army. After mustering out of service in 1865, he continued to live in Lawrence until about 1882, when he moved to Leadville Colorado to take up a position as head survey for the Denver - Silver Pumbe spur of the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad. Searle died in Leadville in 1902.

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