Christopher St. Barbe Shields (July 28, 1889 - May 14, 1959) was a British army officer and Colonial Office District Commissioner in the Gold Coast (modern Ghana). Born in Durham, England, Shields served in the British army during World War I and was a member of the 302nd Siege Battery of the Royal Garrison Artillery serving in France in 1915. Shields married Alice Louisa Williams on May 16, 1919 in Thornford, England. He left for Africa for the first time in 1920 and continued traveling back and forth between England and Africa until at least 1929, when the last departure record exists. During his time workin the Gold Coast (from at least 1924 through 1926), Shields health with border disputes and other crises, even creating relatively accurate maps to help his superiors decide how to arbitrate these situations. Shields died in Axminster, England.