Pierre Simonel (April 13, 1760 - June 6, 1810) was a French surveyor active in the late 18th century. Simonel was born in Orbigny-au-Mont, Haute-Marne, France. Simonel is best known as one of the 'Savants', scholars who accompanied the late 18th century Napoleonic invasion of Egypt (1798 - 1801). On the Egypt Expedition he held the position of Assistant Director of the Geographic Engineers. He was the nephew of Dominique Testevuide (1735 - 1798), directeur des géomètres of the Armée d'Orient, and the cousin of Pierre Jacotin (1765 - 1827), who became directeur des géomètres after his uncle was assassinated. After the Egypt Expedition returned to France, he became chef de bataillon in the Corps Impérial des Ingénieurs Géographes.