George Knowles Snow (August 19, 1826 - August 3, 1885) was a Boston, Massachusetts publisher active in the second half of the 19th century. He was born in Orleans, Massachusetts. Snow is generally associated with his brothers-in-law 'Bradleee'. Under the imprint of 'G. K. Snow and Bradlee', the firm published Snow's Pathfinder Railway Guide for the New England States, from about 1869. Bradlee may refer to both Charles Horace Bradlee and his brother John Emery Bradlee - both of whom published tourist guides of New England and particularly the White Mountains. This would do much to explain the lack of first initials in the 'Bradlee' portion of the imprint. Snow marred Mary Jane Bradlee (1828 - ????), the sister of John Emory Bradlee (1831 - c. 1882) and Charles Horace Bradlee (1844 - 1912).

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