Frank J. Soltesz (June 14, 1912 - March 21, 1986) was an American artist and commercial illustrator. Born in Pennsylvania, Soltesz was active from the 1930s until the 1960s. He is most well-known for a series of advertisements published between 1947 and 1951 for the Armstrong Cork Company featuring illustrated cross-sections of buildings and factories. These advertisements, published in the Saturday Evening Post, are wonderfully detailed and garnered instant popularity. The images were so compelling that the Saturday Evening Post offered 21 by 22 inch prints suitable for framing upon request. Soltesz also illustrated for other companies, among them TWA, General Motors, Goodyear, and General Electric. His work appeared in various periodicals of the era, such as Colliers, Sports Illustrated, Life, Fortune, Time, Esquire, Business Week, and U.S. News and World Report. Soltesz married Loretta Simms on June 13, 1941, with whom he had two daughters and a son.