South (1885 - 1891), subtitled A Journal of Southern and Southwestern Progress, was a weekly periodical dedicated to matters pertaining to the U.S. South and Southwest. The firm was based in New York, at 85 Warren Street, but also maintained offices in Jacksonville, Florida, and at 30 Fleet Street London, where an English edition was issued. The firm also published the Florida State Gazetteer and Business Directory for 1886-1887. They also issued several maps, including Granville's Map of Florida. They were initially known as the Southern Publishing Company, but were renamed 'The South' in 1886. The firm appears to have been involved in a number of questionable business practices that included not paying vendors and failing to file proper incorporation firms. The firm, which had offices in London, may have been associated with Charles Granville, a notorious London publisher, fraudster, and bigamist, as they published works together, but this is unclear. Th South went defunct when its offices were destroyed and many of its employees killed in the August 22nd 1891, Park Place building explosion and fire.

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