Jacob von Staehlin (May 9, 1709 - June 25, 1785) was a German-Russian polymath known as an engraver, cartographer, memoirist, full state councilor, and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Born in Memmingen, Upper Swwabia, von Staehlin attended the University of Leipzig and, in 1735, was called to St. Petersburg to work for the St. Petersburg Academy. He became a member of the Academy and a professor of 'eloquence and poetry' in 1738 and in 1741 took over the Department of Art at the Academy. He was appointed teacher to the heir to the Russian throne, Peter Fedorovich, in 1742, and after his wedding was named his personal librarian. Staehlin helped with the creation of the First Atlas of the Russian Empire, which was published in 1745. The art department was changed into the Academy of Fine Arts in 1747, and Staehlin was was entrusted with its management, and even developed drawing and engraving programs. Staehlin died in St. Petersburg in 1785.

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