R. Stebbins (fl. c. 1830 - 1836) was a New York based map publisher active from 1831 to about 1836. He is a very elusive figure, of which little is known. His firm, R. Stebbins and Company, is associated with only one map, an 1835 reissue of Charles Varlé's 1817 map of the United States. His name also appears on a rare 1831 map of Ohio published in partnership with William Chapin, and an 1831 map of the world. He may have some association with the silversmithing firm of Wilson and Stebbins. There are several other publishers of the Stebbins name with whom R. Stebbins may be associated, among the Henry Searls Stebbins (Ohio, 1835 - 1898) and L. Stebbins (Hartford, c. 1856). All of his work is exceedingly rare.

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