Julius Straube (April 12, 1832 - October 24, 1913) was a German cartographer. Born in Berlin and the son of a master butcher, Straube began training as a military cartographer at the age of 15. Straube founded the Geographische Institut und Landkartenverlag Julius Straub on July 3, 1858 and ran the business until 1886, when his son Benno took over. Between the Wilhemina era and the First World War, Straube's business was the market leader among Berlin cartographic institution's, garnering a 36% market share. In 1885, Straube published his most impressive work, a monumental 44-sheet Overview Plan of Berlin. Beginning in 1900, the Straube firm began to see more competition in the marketplace, and in 1913 Benno Straube had insolvency proceedings opened against him. Julius Straube died six days later.