John Emmett Sweet, Jr. (December 11, 1915 - November 24, 1984) was an American businessman and World War II veteran. Born in Sandusky, Ohio, Sweet graduated from high school in Montrose, Pennsylvania, and attended Lehigh University where he studied metallurgical engineering. He graduated from Lehigh in 1939. Sweet was an officer in the Army Reserve Corps and was called to active duty in January 1942 as a lieutenant. He arrived in Australia in the fall of 1942 and joined the 32nd Division. He and the 32nd Division first saw combat in New Guinea in September 1942. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross on for supervising the construction of a bridge under enemy fire during the Buna Campaign in Papua, New Guinea, in December 1942. He spent four years in the Southwest Pacific and fought in numerous campaigns: Buna, Saidor, and Aitape, New Guinea; Morotai, Dutch East Indies; and Leyte and Luzon in the Philippines. By early 1945 he had risen to the rank of Major and was a staff officer of the 126th Infantry Regiment. He was aware the Bronze Star for 'meritorious achievement' on Leyte. Sweet arrived back in the United States in late November 1945. After the war he founded the Tioga Foundry Corporation in 1946 in Oswego, New York. It produced gray iron castings. At its height in the late 1970s, Tioga employed over 200 people. Sweet and Tioga were the first company in New York State to comply with new federal regulations concerning air pollution from smokestacks. He served as its C.E.O. until 1979 and president until 1983. He married Eunice Bowen with whom he had one son. The Tioga foundry closed on October 2, 1987.