Tachibana Morikuni (橘守國; 1679 – November 7, 1748), sometimes as 楢村有稅子 or Sōbei (惣兵衛 or 宗兵衛), was an Osaka-based painter and printer of the Edo period who was an important figure in the Kanō School (狩野派). More specifically, along with Nishikawa Sukenobu (西川祐信) and Ōoka Shunboku (大岡春卜), he brought e-dehon 'picture model' books (絵手本) to prominence, influencing later ukiyo-e artists. Like the entire Kanō School, Tachibana was strongly influenced by both historical and contemporary Chinese painting styles and motifs. Tachibana was a disciple of Tsuruzawa Tanzan (鶴澤探山, 1658 – 1729) who was himself a student of Kanō Tan'yū (狩野探幽, March 4, 1602 – November 4, 1674).