Taihoku Kozuka (台北小塚; fl. c. 1912 - c. 1945) was a Japanese operated Taipei publishing house, active from the early Taisho era, if not earlier. It merged with Books Sanseido (三省堂, an established Japanese bookstore still in operation in Japan) in 1941 and took the name Taiwan Sanseido Bookshop (台灣三省堂書店). Taihoku Kozuka regularly published maps and texts for the Colonial Governor's Office and other colonial offices, for example, School Handicraft and Drawing Teaching Guide (公學校手工及圖畫教授要目) in 1913 Taisho 2, Investigation of Han Nationality Townships in Taiwan (台灣在籍漢民族鄉貫別調查) in 1928 Showa 3, and Taiwan Social Enterprise Laws and Regulations (台灣社會事業關係法規) the same year.