Ryōzō Tanaka (田中良三, January 16, 1874 - July 1, 1946) was a Japanese printer, illustrator, and bookseller active in Japan during the late 19th and first half of the 20th century. Tanaka was born in Kyoto, the second son of Haishi Hashimoto. He apprenticed under an Osaka bookseller before relocating to Tokyo in 1897 to ope his own business, the Tokyo Shobido Gakyou book cart. It is said he started his book business with just 30 yen and 600 traditional ukiyo-e style prints. By 1898, he acquired a physical location in the Kanda book district of Tyoko and began printing on his own account, pioneering the new printing technology of chromolithography. Tanaka issued a series of serio-comic style maps in Japanese and English illustrating the events of World War I. Most of Tanaka's original printing plates were destroyed in a 1945 allied air raid on Tokyo. After the war, Takaka's business was taken over by his eldest son, Tadanaka Sadzu, who attained some success.

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