Lorin Thompson (1911 - 1997) was an American artist and muralist. He is best known for his murals in the U.S. Post Office in Altoona, Pennsylvania, which he created as a project for the Works Progress Administration in 1938. One, entitled Pioneers of Altoona, depicts early settlers building a railroad track, and the other, Growth of the Road, contains images of daily life in Altoona. Another of his murals hangs in the post office in Mercer, Pennsylvania, while a third was commissioned for the Pascagoula, Mississippi post office. The Pascagoula piece was completed in 1939 and, entitled Legend of the Singing River illustrates a local folktale about a tribe of Native American who chose to go into the river and eventually drown instead of facing the wrath of an enemy tribe. This mural was restored in the 1960s when the building became the Pascagoula Public Library. Hurricane Katrina damaged the building in 2005 and the mural was placed in storage. It was re-installed in the newly established Pascagoula Post Office in 2010. Thompson was also the creator and illustrator of the character Ranger Rick for the National Wildlife Federations children's magazine 'Ranger Rick'.

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