Aegidius (or Giles or Glig) Tschudi (February 5, 1505 – February 28, 1572) was a Swiss statesman and historian, best known as author of the Chronicon Helveticum. a history of the early Swiss Confederation. A lifelong office server, he in 1558 became the chief magistrate. He was sent as an ambassador to the Emperor Ferdinand, who in turn ennobled Tschudi in 1559. It is interesting to note that his most important works were not published until well after his death - his Chronicon Helveticum was not published until the 1730s. In spite of this, his scholarship did not go unnoticed: Ortelius 1570 map of Switzerland was derived from Tschudi's work, for example. As a historian, Tschudi earned criticism: his writings fraudulently exaggerated the origins of his family in order to enhance their authority, and he was not above forging documents to do so.