Dr. Omar A. Turney (November 1, 1866 - December 21, 1929) was an American archaeologist and engineer. He had been employed beginning 1888 as assistant engineer on the rebuilding of the Arizona canal dam, and was later employed as a surveyor for the Santa Fe, Prescott and Phoenix Railway. He also served successively in the United States geological survey and in the United States reclamation service. He was one of the principal sponsors of the Roosevelt Dam, and is largely responsible for the name given the dam. For twelve years after leaving the government service Dr. Turney served the cities of Phoenix, Mesa, Tempe and Glendale as city engineer. For many years he was secretary and managing trustee of the Phoenix Public Library. In his last year of life he published a series of articles in The Arizona Historical Review entitled 'Prehistoric Irrigation,' the result of the collection of data over period of more than forty years. He is known to have produced a map of ancient canals in the area of Phoenix, AZ, which attended the series. His findings were presented to the Royal Geographic Society of London, resulting in his being made a Fellow of the society.