Henry Goodman Vaughan (September 28, 1868 - November 22, 1938) was an American lawyer and avid huntsman. Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, to Benjamin and Anna Goodwin Vaugnan, Vaughan was educated at Noble School in Boston before attending Harvard, from which he graduated cum laude in 1890. He graduated cum laude from Harvard Law School and Harvard's graduate school three years later with both a law degree and a Master of Arts degree. Vaughan worked for thirty years as the master of foxhounds at the Norfolk Hunt Club and retired in 1933. He helped organize the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America and served for twenty-five years as its secretary-treasurer before serving for a time as its president. Vaughan practiced law in Boston with Arthur Hendricks and died on the train on his way home to South Berwick, Maine from Cambridge after attending the funeral Mr. Hendricks in Cambridge. Vaughnan married Olea Bull in 1894, who died in 1911. Their one daughter died in infancy. He remarried on April 5, 1915 to Elizabeth Russell Tyson of Boston.