Nicholas Visscher I (1618 - 1679) was a Dutch engraver, cartographer and publisher. The son of Claes Jansz Visscher (1587 - 1652), he was brought up in and carried on the family publishing firm after his father's death. During his tenurem, the firm produced an array of maps that introduced a new level of artistic flourish to the Dutch mapmaking trade: the 'Jansson-Visscher' map of the New Netherlands and New Engand provided the model map for that region for over a century, and his 1658 world map was hailed by Shirley as the 'master forerunner of a number of highly decorative Dutch world maps produced throughout the remainder of the century.' He received a privilege from Holland and West Friesland in 1677; after his death the firm was taken up by his son, Nicholas II (1649 - 1702). Upon the death of Nicholas Visscher II, the business was carried on by the widowed Elizabeth Verseyl Visscher (16?? - 1726). After her death, the firm and all of its plates was liquidated to Peter Schenk.

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