Heinrich Vogtherr (1490-1556) was a German artist, printer, poet and medical author. He was born in Dillingen an der Donau, son of an eye doctor and surgeon. His art training is thought to have tken place in Augsburg, under Hans Burgkmair. He traveled throughout Germany between 1518 and 1524, publishing numerous religious, Reformation-oriented poems and pamphlets and broadsheets. He took part as a colonel in the German Peasants' War in 1524 and 1525, escaping the failed siege of Radolfzell and finding his way to Strasbourg, where he settled. His religious background constrained his efforts to find work, and he had to work mainly as a book illustrator on behalf of a broad array of Strasbourg printers. In 1536 he founded his own print business, traveling frequently between Strasbourg, Speyer, Augsburg, Zurich, and Basel. He provided more than 400 woodcuts for Johannes Stumpf's 'Swiss chronicle, including many of its maps. In 1550 he relocated to Vienna at the behest of Ferdinand I, who would soonm become Holy Roman Emperor in 1556. Vogtherr would not survive long enough to enjoy Imperial patronage: he died that same year.

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