Simeone Volonteri (安西满; June 6, 1831 - December 21, 1904) was an Italian clergyman and eventually bishop. Volonteri is best known for his missionary work in China. He was born in Milan and joined the Pontificium Institutum pro Missionibus Exteris (Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions) in 1855. He was sent to Hong Kong in 1860, and remained there for 10 years. He was elevated to Bishop by Eustachio Vito Modesto Zanoli (1831 - 1883) in 1874, and in 1882 made Vicar Apostolic of Southern Honan (河南南境), China. He held this position until his death in Fengqiao (冯桥), Shangqiu, Henan, China. He is credited with two maps, the first and most important being the 'Map of the San-on-District, (Kwangtung Province), essentially covering modern day Hong Kong and the New Territories. This important map, engraved in Leipzig and published in May 1886, is considered the first bilingual map of Hong Kong and was, at the time of publication, unprecedented in scope and accuracy. His second map is a reduced and updated variant of the first, published in 1874.