Henling Thomas Wade (1846 - September 17, 1915) was a British subject living in Shanghai, where he was born. He was a recognized authority on the tea trade of China as well as hunting in the vicinity of Shanghai. He was educated in London, at Leatherhead and at King's College. He returned to Shanghai in around 1862. Wade was an avid sportsman. He ran the 'memorable mile race' in Shanghai in 1868 and also represented Shanghai in an inter-port cricket match that same year. He served as captain for the English team against a Scottish eleven in 1888. Also around 1888 he became the secretary of the Shanghai Cricket Club. He was an early member of the Shanghai Paper Hunt Club and was well known for writing With Boat and Gun in the Yangtze Valley, a hunting guide for those visiting Shanghai. He was also a prominent member of the Shanghai Debating Society. He is known for a single map, Shooting Districts Lying Between Shanghai and Wuhu, which he published with Robert Alexis de Villard (費拉爾; 1860 - c. 1920). In September of 1915, Wade died of stomach cancer at his 12 Park Lane.

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