Edward W. Wiggins (1832 - January 19, 1912) was an English American civil engineer, cartographer, and map publisher. Born in Oxford, England, Wiggins arrived in the United States in October 1858. Wiggins was making maps in Wichita, Kansas, as early as 1886. He dissolved a partnership with a Mr. Smith in March 1887 to establish a partnership with his nephew Thomas Wiggins known as Wiggins and Wiggins, of which records only exist dating from 1887 and they published maps of Wichita and Sedgwick County, although it is unclear if the partnership survived the year. The Southwestern Map Company was founded in 1891 and Wiggins was the manager. He worked for the Southwestern Map Company until at least 1896. Wiggins operated E. W. Wiggins and Company, 'makers and publishers of maps' in Wichita in 1901 and continued making maps in Wichita and around Kansas until at least 1903. He died in Chicago in 1912.

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