Domenico (Zenoi) Zenoni (fl. 1540-1580) was a Venetian engraver, goldsmith, publisher and sometime pornographer active in Venice and Padua. The Venetian Senate granted him a 15-year privilege in December 1566 and licensed him to publish devotional prints, portraits and maps. A month later, he was granted a second licence which required that he show each print to the Esecutori contra la bestemmia (Executors against blasphemy) to ensure there was no obscenity in his work. This was apparently a problem for him: in 1568 he got his colleague Camocio fined by the Esecutori for having in Camocio's shop 'highly indecent sonnets' by Zenoni which had 'inserted among them several highly indecent drawings.' He probably had other partnerships with Donato and Ferrando Bertelli, but it is not known whether they also suffered fines for Zenoni's apparent pornographic excursions. In addition to his more risqué output, Zenoni produced a variety of devotional and allegorical prints, and at least fourteen maps. His work would continue to be published by Camocio, Zaltieri, de Huchin, Bertelli and others.

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