Albert François Ildephonse Anthouard de Wasservas (October 12, 1861 - October 10, 1944) was a French diplomat, historian and author. The son of brigadier general Charles Alexandre Comte d'Anthouard and a superb student, he would join the administration of Cochinchina in 1881; as Secretary at the Department of the Interior, he was sent to Saigon (1882) and then Bien Hoa where he explored the Moï country. He returned to Saigon and would remain there throughout the conquest of Indochina. He was then seconded to the General Residence of Tananarive in Madagascar, as secretary to Mr. le Myre de Vilers, then successively and for eight years, as vice-president, president, and delegate to the General Residence. He would later be posted to Montenegro, and Beijing, where he was posted during the Boxer Rebellion. He participated in the march to relieve the legations in Beijing on August 17, 1900). He would afterwards see postings in Tunis and Rio de Janeiro. Anthouard authored books and articles on the economy and politics in Brazil, Egypt, and on diplomacy in the colonies, including an 1895 communique with respect to the colonization of Madagascar. During the First World War, he assumed the presidency of the National Federation of Assistance Societies for Prisoners of War. He retired in 1918 to serve as general secretary of the Union of Women of France. He was in the 1920s General councilor of Haute-Loire, and was elected mayor of Lavoute Chillac. He was a founding member of the Academy of Colonial Sciences in 1922, and was successively knight, officer, and commander of the Legion of Honor (1913). He was elected full member of the 5th section of the Academy of Colonial Sciences upon its foundation in 1923, and was member of the Malagasy Academy.

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