Fiamengo Arnoldo di Arnoldi (15?? – 1602) was a Belgian cartographer active in northern Italy during the late 16th and the first 3 years of the 17th century. Arnoldi, although going by an Italian name, spent most of his career in Italy and named himself Arnold Scherpensiel Belga (Arnold from Belgium). He may have first traveled to Italy in 1595 with his brother Jacabo to take work with Giovanni Antonio Magini of Bologna. Magini at the time was looking for expert engravers to work on his atlas of Italy. Around 1600, Arnoldi moved to Siena where he took work with Matteo Florimi. Around this time Florimi was accused of map plagiarism by Magini, an event which may be associated with Arnoldi's defection. Arnoldi died 2 years later, in 1602, of unknown causes. His brother, Jacabo, along with another brother, Nicolo, returned to Holland. Nicolo, publishing under the name Nicolaas van Geelkercken, became an important Flemish school cartographer. Arnoldi's known corpus is small but magnificent, including a ten sheet map of the world and a rare separately issued set of continent maps.

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