Jean-Baptiste Jacques de Beaurain (1728 - c. 1785) was a French Geographer and military historian. He was born in Paris, the son of 'GĂ©ographe du Roi' to Louis XV, Jean de Beaurain (1696 - 1771). In 1765, Jean-Baptiste inherited his father's title 'GĂ©ographe du Roi' in 1771, this time to Louis XVI (1754 -1793), and in 1771 was awarded an annual royal pension of 800 pounds - something he was proud of and often incorporated into his imprint. He issued various military histories and military atlases, as well as tutored the King in geography. Beaurain was exceptionally active during the American Revolutionary War, when new cartography regarding the fledgling United States was in high demand in France. During this time, he maintained connections to British cartographers, particularly William Faden. Despite a royal pension and a wide corpus of publications, in 1785 Beaurain, possibly mired in debt accrued by his father, declared bankruptcy. No further maps are recorded and he may have died shortly thereafter.

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