Alexander Bridport Becher (June 12, 1796 - 1876) was hydrographer, cartographer, author, and Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy. He entered the Royal Navy College in April 1810 and graduated with a commission as a Midshipman in 1812. He served with Commodore Edward Owen and Captain William Fitzwilliam Owen from December 1814 until June 1817 surveying lakes in Canada. During the course of his career in the Navy, Becher served in many different capacities on several ships and undertook survey missions in the North Sea and the Orkney Islands. When not aboard ship, Becher was employed by the Hydrographic Department of the Admiralty, where he served from May 1823 until 1864. During his time at the Hydrographic Department, Becher arranged and classified the Department's original charts, which numbered between 20,000 and 30,000 in a system that rendered them accessible for immediate reference. Becher also laughed the Nautical Magazine in 1832, which he managed and edited for the subsequent 39 years.

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