David R. Brown (May 30, 1831 - February 22, 1911) was an American architect based in New Haven, Connecticut during the second half of the 19th century. Brown was born in New Haven, where he grew up attending the local public schools. He apprenticed as an architect under Henry Austin, also of New Haven. Upon reaching his maturity, he became a partner in the Austin firm. In 1856, he relocated to Chicago, where he prospered. Despite his success in Chicago, he returned to New Haven in 1860, just in time to be recruited into the Union Army. Brown served as a Second Lieutenant and then Captain in the American Civil War. He was part of the 20th Regiment, Connecticut Infantry until its end, in 1865. Returning to New Haven, he continued his architecture practice. He took the young German immigrant Ferdinand Von Beren (1870 - ????) as an apprentice in 1885. In 1890, Von Beren became a partner in the new firm, Brown and Von Beren. Von Beren took full control of the firm after David Brown died in 1911. While there are many examples of Brown's architecture in New Haven and New York, he cartographic works are limited to a single map of New Haven, published with Charles Currier in 1865.

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