Félix Charmetant (June 20, 1844 - July 21, 1921) was a French Catholic missionary belonging to the Missionnaires d'Afrique, better known as the Pères blancs. He began his apostolic work in Algeria before being posted to Zanzibar in 1878 to prepare the first French missionary efforts in central Africa. However, illness forced him to return to France and then to North Africa again. In 1885 he became the director of l'Œuvre d'Orient, an association which primarily focused on education in the lands of the 'Eastern Christians'. Charmetant held this position until his death, and under his tutelage the organization built many French-speaking schools in the late / former Ottoman empire. He was also a vocal advocate for Armenians, who suffered terribly in the last years of Ottoman rule. In 1882, he was made a Chevalier in the French Legion of Honor.

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