Pietro Coppo (1470-1555) was a Venetian public official, geographer, and cartographer. He studied under humanist Marcantoni Sabellico, and then traveled throughout the Mediterranean world. He returned after six years in Crete to serve as chancellor in cities under Venetian rule. He would settle in Izola, near Piran in Istria, now southwestern Slovenia. He would become chancellor there in 1511, and would hold other positions in the city as well. He nevertheless was a prolific writer and geographer. He completed in 1520 a manuscript cosmography, De toto orbe, which survives in two copies. This work contained twenty-two maps. He produced summaries of that work which did not contain maps. A further manuscript included woodcut maps, printed between 1524 and 1526. Of these, one would be copied by later mapmakers and broadly disseminated: Coppo's map of Istria.