Ivan Andreevich D'Iakov (Дьяков Иван Андреевич; September 14, 1881 - August 23, 1969), commonly Anglicized as John A. Diakoff, was a Russian orientalist and traveler in Asia. D'Iakov was born in Kishal, Tambov province, Russia. A scientist and orientalist, D'Iakov conducted research in the pacific islands, borneo, and hong kong. He came to Harbin, Manchuria, from Hong Kong in 1931. There he established himself as was scientific collaborator of the Russian Orientalist Society, a group of Russian scholars (and many say spies) based in Harbin, China. He was also an inspector of Russian schools and in 1945 was teaching at the St. Nicholas School in Harbin. He returned to Russia around 1950, fleeing the Cultural Revolution. There he served as the region of Morshansk, Tambov, until his death in 1969. He is known for one map, an impressive pictorial map of China published for academic purposes in Harbin, 1931. He is also the author of several works on sinology and the Russian experience in Harbin.